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               ABOUT OUR PROGRAM 

We start our evaluation for weight loss program with in depth in person meeting where we get medical history, perform clinical exam thereby order patient specific lab panel. Our clinic focuses on weight loss journey to be healthy and sustainable. ​ 


There are patients who have gained weight in short period of time, and there are patients who were overweight majority of their life. There are fad diets, exercises programs, but we most often come back to realizing that true weight loss is through small changes repeated day in and day out. Eating balanced diet but smaller portions throughout the day is more sustainable than extreme diet. In order to reach the ultimate change in lifestyle takes time and effort. We like to go with you on this journey. 


Our Weight loss program is managed by a board-certified medical doctor and licensed staff. We offer the support and health coach for the 90-days to help you get started, and also offer extension programs to help you succeed in the long run.    


We hope you are all excited about this as we are! ​

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