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Our Services 

Services Included

In-Office Procedures

  • Simple/affordable membership pricing, NO COPAYS, no insurance hassles, and always transparent pricing 

  • Same day or next day scheduling 

  • Bioidentical Hormone Management 

  • Extended, relaxed office visits (30min - 1 hour) 

  • Direct communications with your doctor by phone, text, email, as well as video call 

  • Ongoing preventative and wellness visits 

  • Physicals including completion of school, sports, work, DMV forms, and FMLA

  • Pre-Operative Clearance 

  • Chronic care management

  • Courtesy House-calls for members

  • Discounts on wholesale labs and prescription prices (saving of up to 50-90%) on certain medication

We perform a number of in-office procedures. Below is the list of some of the procedures included as a part of your membership:

  • EKG (Electrocardiogram) 

  • Spirometry 

  • Breathing Treatments

  • Incision and drainage of skin abscess 

  • Urinalysis, Urine pregnancy, Rapid Strep test, Flu swap test

  • Injections of anti-nausea medications

  • Antibiotic injections 

  • Steroid injections 

  • Ear Lavage

Included with Extra Fee

  • Cryotherapy - freezing warts, age spots 

  • Joint Injections ($40)

  • Skin lesion/mole removal ($40-$70)

  • Skin tag removals ($5 per tag)

  • Trigger Point Injections ($10 - per muscle)

  • * There will also be pathology costs associated with sending skin biopsies and pap smears to the laboratory. Added costs are always discussed with patients prior to ordering any tests or treatments. 

Specialist Care 

We are working forward to partnering with E-consult service: RubiconMD. This will allow our doctors to discuss any cases with well-known board certified specialists around the country in a timely manner. 

What We Don't Do 

We do not provide care for pregnancy but can do pre-conception counselling, free urine pregnancy test along with a referral to a capable OB/GYN. 

We do not do any surgeries that go deeper than the skin. 

We do NOT currently administer childhood vaccines, but refer to Health Department when needed. 

  WE DO NOT CARRY ANY PAIN MEDICATIONS OR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES IN OUR CLINIC and do not routinely prescribe them. We do evaluated each patient carefully, and if needed, we do prescribe controlled medications, but also under very careful monitoring and continuous care. 

We don't cater our care just based on patient's insurance plan. We like to look outside the box to cater the care. We don't penalize anyone not having health insurance. Everyone gets the Primary Care they need regardless of the insurance status. 

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